Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Color Combination Update

Based on the comments I received from the Navy and Teal color combination post, it sounds like most of you agree that those four colors could really work well together. As I mentioned in that post I had a friend in mind when pulling that combination together. The two of us took a trip to Home Depot to pick out the paint and made some modifications to the color scheme. After shuffling around bunches of paint chips the end result is a color scheme that is more subdued than the original but no less chic.

We settled on Porpoise by Behr as the wall color. The color is now up on her walls and it looks amazing. The paint has a tiny hint of soft purple in the gray which I think will look great with the navy.

The turquoise and the blue are coming into the room as bedding, window treatments and other accent pieces. The mustard color was also chosen as an accent however my friend has decided to take the doors off of her closet and outfit it with a great closet system from Ikea. I think it would be fun to paint the inside of the closet mustard so we might give it a try. The best thing about paint is if she hates it we can also re paint it gray. I can't wait to see the room come together. I'll be sure to snag a few photos of the finished project to share will you.

P.S. I swear that I did not purposely match the mustard color to my blog. It was a total coincidence.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the end result. I think I might do this combo in my living area. Not sure yet. Thanks for the spark of inspiration!

  2. Great colour selection, I hope the mustard stays though, even if only in the cupboard!

  3. WooHOoooooooooooo! =) They call me Mellow Yellow