Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Discover: Interior Design

Hello folks, my crazy project schedule has been put hold so that means I should have more time to spend with you all. Today I wanted to introduce you to a blog I've been following for the past six months. The blog is Discover: Interior Design written by Kristin Warbington, a LEED AP Interior Designer based in Georgia.

Discover: Interior Design is not just a blog full of beautiful interior photos (not that we don't all love those), it dispenses fundamental information to help you navigate the field of interior design. It's like you're getting a free education in the field. I especially want to point towards a recent post which describes the Elements & Principles of Interior Design. The Elements and Principles of interior design form the foundation for all design. The application of these elements and principles creates an interior that is both physically and psychologically comfortable. The Elements of Design are: Space, Line, Shape, Texture, Light, Color, & Pattern. The Principles of Design are: Balance, Harmony, Rhythm, Emphasis, Scale & Proportion. I won't really elaborate any more from there, be sure to check out Kristin's post because the post is well written and the information is easy to digest.  

If you are a novice to the field of interior design and read a lot of design blogs you probably see these terms used often.  Having this basic foundation will help you to really understand why a room design works. Instead of looking at a photograph and thinking' "oh, that's a beautiful space" you will have the tools needed to dissect the space and translate the elements and principles it displays into your own home.

While you're visiting Discover: Interior Design the Design Jargon and Decor Tips pages.  These are also loaded with useful (and interesting) information. 

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  1. Cool blog! I love those that dispense practical information, and it's rare because there's so much time involved.

  2. I highly enjoy both of your blogs!

  3. I tried to link to the Discover: Interior Design, but nothing is coming up. Do you know if Kristin closed up shop on her blog?

  4. Alison, it looks like Discover: Interior Design has been taken down :( Kristin did start graduate school recently and it must have been too much for her to keep up with the blog and school work.

  5. I'm sad to see Discover: Interior Design is no longer active... I remember Kristin mentioning a particular interior design text book. Does anyone recall which one it is? I wish I had written it down before!

  6. I'm just as bummed as you are Anonymous, Discover Interior Design was one of my favorite blogs. If I remember correctly Kristin has started design school and I think her school work load was too much to for her to also continue blogging.
    Unfortunately I am not sure what book you are referring too.