Friday, April 17, 2009

Introduce Yourself, Please

Today's post is all about you.  Yes you, my lovely readers.  Lately you all have been leaving such sweet comments on my posts.  You've really made my week and I would like to get to know you wonderful people that brighten my day.  It would be great if you would leave a comment with a link to your blog if you have one, or a link to your business if you own one, or a link to your twitter account if you have one.  If none of those apply just tell me something, anything, about yourself so I can get to know you better.    

Boy this is one warm and fuzzy blog post.  Must be this wonderful morning weather.  Hope you enjoy the gorgeous weather we are supposed to have this weekend.  Get yourself outside and perhaps plant some lovely flowers. 


Photo Credits: Jann Kilmer

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  1. Hi! I'm Karley. I'm a former journalist who decided that teaching was more her thing! Now I'm getting my B.Ed and teaching English as a second language in Montreal.

    I have been running my business (she sews lovely) for just over a year now. I have an Etsy shop: and a blog that I try to update regularly:

    When I'm not teaching or crafting, I spend my time baking, hanging out at the park with my mini dachshund pup and watching Jeopardy with my fiance (who is a photographer in his spare time:

    Nice to meet you!!

  2. Hi! I learned about your blog from twitter, and I love it!

    I have a blog ( and a couple of etsy stores. I am a mom and a wife and a lawyer. I love design (though by the cluttered state of my house on most days you might not know it), and I particularly love paper and fabric, though I am a very reluctant seamstress. I used to be a professional cook--some days that is evident in our kitchen, other days (most days, probably), not so much.


  3. These intros and so great. I love getting to know more about you all. Can't wait to check out your shops and blogs.

  4. Let's see... you're already following me on Twitter, you know my blog, you've been to my home (and I to yours) and you've even run into my kids at the post office.

    I guess I can reveal that lately I'm not sure what business I have writing a blog and have been considering stopping it because I have no purpose or direction. Boy I bet that was a lot darker than you imagined. We'll see what happens!
    Have a lovely weekend honey!

  5. Hey! Great idea for a post, and I love your blog. :) I don't remember how I found it, but I'm glad I did!

    My name is Liz, and I'm a lawyer / real estate nut. My husband and I recently renovated our house (and lived to tell about it), and I recently started a blog (

    Hope you have a great day!!

  6. Hello! It's Tiffany (aka The Other Tiffany) and I blog, freelance copywrite and occasionally mother the world :)

    We follow each others blogs and here I am on Twitter:

    I've been working on getting my artwork on Etsy as prints for a few months. Hoping that will come to fruition in the near future.

    I just want you to know you have a great voice and I truly love the personal insights you share on your blog. Good to meet you!

  7. Hi, I'm Nikki. I'm a stay at home mom that used to have an etsy shop. It was keeping me too busy to keep up with the kiddo.

    I love to decorate, DIY, and craft, but I'm currently in a rental. I'm trying to make this place more us with out much $. I'd rather spend the $ on our future house, but I still need my surroundings to be pretty.

    I found your blog on facebook networked blogs.(i think)

  8. Hi Michelle!
    I'm a blogger too (! I can't remember how I found your blog, but I believe it was from a comment you had left on mine some time ago. (thank you again!)

    I started blogging last summer to fulfill my love/need to share my design finds and loves with the universe. I graduated from Humber College in Toronto in '04 with a certificate in Interior Decorating, but I still have a day-job in a totally unrelated industry (travel), and am about to go on maternity leave for a year. I'm hoping to develop my blog/interior design business into a full-time time job!

    Keep up the good work, I love Design Evolution!

  9. Hi Everyone!

    I'm Becky. I can't remember if I met Michelle through my little personal blog,, or when I was snarking about "Top Design" over at decor8, a gig I thoroughly enjoyed. I have been writing a design blog called Hatch over at for a number of years now and it's been incredible how many wonderful people I have met through it. I had no idea that would be a side effect of writing a little blog!

    I am supposed to be a landscape architect, but I wound up writing and selling schmancy shoes on eBay full time instead. Sometimes it makes me sad that I never practiced, but most of my friends who do are not happy, so, that's life I guess.

    I live in Atlanta and I just started Twittering (I am so behind the times on everything!) a few weeks ago. It's SO addictive; I think all of these things on the internet are starting to give me severe A.D.D.! It's nice to read a post like this, sit back for a few minutes, read about others and then say hello!


  10. Hi! I'm Averill. I'm an attorney and I live in Houston with my husband, miniature dachshund and two cats.

    I have a blog called Odi et Amo ( where I talk about everything that I love, hate and hate to love about home decor, fashion and style. Since we're in the process of selling our current home and building a new one, the blog has been a lot about that lately.

    Enjoying your blog -- keep it up!

  11. Hi, I'm Amy - don't remember how I found out about your blog - but I enjoy reading it!
    I am an Etsy shopaholic - and recently started a blog ( where I post about things (not necessarily from Etsy, but usually!) that I think are awesome or unique.
    Keep up the great work! :-)

  12. Michelle-- found you on twitter. Love your blog.

    I'm Carlo. A woodworker. What started out as my wife's quest to completely revamp our 70's not-so-sexy house into a 50's modernesque pad, turned into a wild furniture building adventure. Somehow I obsessed on George Nelson benches as you'll see:

  13. Hi Michelle,

    I discovered your blog via twitter. Great Blog by the way!

    My name is Tiaa and I am the owner of Exclusively Yours Interiors LLC an interior decorating company located in northern New Jersey. I blog about interior decorating tips and inspirations and will soon add feng shui.

    Feel free to check out my blog and follow me on twitter.

    Exclusively Yours,

  14. Michelle,
    I am Jennifer I think you are in the Decor 8 class too? I found your blog through Facebook Network Blogs (I think) . Love your blog :)
    I live in San Diego and have a Styling business
    I Loved the pillow post and how there was a great range in the prices!
    Nice to "meet" you :)

  15. Hi Michelle!

    I met you thru twitter and inmediatly liked your style and your blog. I think you have a down to earth and style that we can all relate to. I always have problems with decorating even though I have a sense of design (I am a graphic designer). I don't show much of my house because it's terrible, I'm so afraid to decorate, it's unbelievable, this year I am into changing that so reading you is helpful!

    I have a graphic design studio with my sis, I also have a personal family blog:

    See you later!! Thanks for meeting us, your readers!

  16. It's a perfect day for a warm & fuzzy post. I am a new reader! I can't wait to delve in deeper. I am glad you are not currently abandoning your blog. :)

    I found your blog because you were nominated for a Reader Appreciation Award by one of my readers in a comment on yesterday's post.

    Isn't blogging grand this way?

  17. Gosh I completely didn't answer your question.

    I am a writer and aspiring photographer going through a creative awakening (as I call it). I have a newly opened Etsy shop that I am entirely unsure about, but I feel compelled to follow my heart wherever it may lead me right now.

    I am also a happily married mama to a lovely boy in kindergarten. I love paper, clean lines and hardwood floors. And beagles, even though I don't know anything about them and I have a big ol' yellow lab mix. LOL.

    Omigosh I am going to put that summary of me in my profile now, it cracks me up.


  18. Woof to All and Hello from snowy Colorado! Check out all that my human mom works on. She is a teacher, biologist, wanna be artist!
    Thanks for asking about me & come visit my blog and see projects galore and our Etsy store.
    Tail Wags to All.

  19. Greetings from sunny Santa Barbara, CA. I learned about your blog on twitter...and enjoy your tweets and posts!

    I'm a gal who loves designs of the past modernly interpreted.

    My husband, my doggie (Freddy the whippet) and I recently moved back to Santa Barbara and are looking for the mid-century modern home of our dreams.

    When I'm not obsessing about retro Airstreams or blogging about retro bullet planters I run an advertising sales business.

  20. Hi Michelle! I'm Jamie and a fellow student in the decor8 class. I read your post in the forums about having a "decent" design on your blog and your pants are not on fire! I'm excited to be a new stalker...

    My Blog - Jamie's Rabbits:

    Note: I have no artistic skills in any arena - sadly. I like to tell stories and absorb pop culture.

  21. Hi! I'm Caitlin, also from the Decor8 class! I love your blog! I'm a grad student for a few more weeks, and then I'm moving to Austin.

    My blog is:
    Twitter: caitlindd

  22. Hi Michelle,
    thank you for the opportunity to present myself: my name is Emilia and I live and work in Italy.
    I love to create and to sew and I have a little Etsy shop. My main activity is to make fabric baskets.
    This is my flickr album:

    Thank you for visiting and have a good Sunday!


  23. Hi Michelle
    I'm Louise. I came accross your blog whilst following you on twitter

    I have an etsy shop selling floral rings and have recently started a blog

    I was made redundant three months ago and have just found a job as a Marketing Assitant which i start tomorrow.

    I look forward to reading your posts.

  24. Hi Michelle,

    I'm a fellow student for Holly's e-course and just stopped by to say "hi" and introduce myself. You seem so friendly and encouraging and it would be fun to network!

    I'm a color consultant from Seattle and have a blog called "Simply Hue". I have three teens, a loving hubby, and an obnoxious but cute, Puggle pup.

    I really enjoyed your blog and look forward to visiting it often :)


  25. Hi! Just found you on! You have a great site!
    I'm Tracy from

    After years of being obsessed about great interior design (saving piles of magazine clippings, sketching layouts for friend's spaces and decorating and re-decorating my own old home, I decided to put all that energy into my new blog.

    I'm loving it and love to check in on my fellow bloggers! Consider me a new fan!

  26. hey Michelle!
    we know each other from twitter and our blogs. I work from home doing my 'thang' sewing.
    I love your blog, what a great idea getting this going! I might have to do the same with my readers!
    Nice to meet you officially...

    all the best :)

  27. Wow, this is so fantastic. I'm overwhelmed by the response this post is getting. I'm so glad many of you took the time to introduce yourselves.

    Karley, I want to see your coffee sleeves in Starbucks - stat.

    Sarah, it makes me sad that you're considering to put an end to your blogging. I enjoying reading it & learning little tidbits about you. I guess if you no longer have a blog it will just mean we have to get together more often so I can learn more about you face to face.

    Liz, amazing home transformation!

    Becky, it was definitely your snark that won me over.

    Averil, say no to the jumpsuit.

    Carlo, I love what you're doing with the nelson slat benches

    Dariela, If you need decorating advice don't be shy, ask away. Making mood boards is what I do. I can come up with a design plan for you.

    Jess, you love beagles because you don't have one. I do and though I love him, he's a bit crazy. Love your photograph of the balloons, btw.

    Taryn, I'm dieing for a few bullet planters but they're not quite in my budget right now. I keep scouring ebay but the stock is limited.

    Jaime, If you love pop culture (especially Bravo reality tv) I recommend you check out Becky's blog hilarious.

    Louise, Good luck with your new job!

    Darlene, your easter eggs took some major dedication.

    Hello to all of my fellow Blogging Your Way classmates, I'm said glad you stopped by to introduce yourselves. Aren't you having the greatest time with the course? Holly is a wealth of information.

    Well that was a really long comment. There are so many talented people here so look out for more information about them to come on Design Evolution.

  28. I really like your blog. It's very well organized. I'm taking Holly's class too and enjoying it. I am a collage and fiber artist and have 2 blogs: is my art blog and is my life blog where I am using the class suggestions a lot.

  29. Amy, I cracked up when I saw your icon said "I ate the cake that was supposed to be in this picture"

  30. Hi, my name is Samantha all the way from across the pond living in Jersey Channel Islands (uk) and I love to blog. ( and
    I am addicted to homes' blogs. Hope to do an interior design course in the Autumn.

  31. catching up on my fun reads & stumbled upon this a little late. hope i'm still invited to the meet & greet. :)

    i'm allyn. researchy administrator by day & fan of pretty things 24/7. i started my blog fairly recently { } but am enjoying chronicling all the every day joys of california living. makes me practice my photog skills, too.

    you can say i was inspired by you & others to create a little world of my own in the blogoshpere. i'm also addicted to twitter (}
    & happy you're on there.

    looking forward to your new posts & tweets!

  32. Hi. I came across your blog after receiving a convo from you on Etsy. You recently included one of my pillows in a post. I'm still not sure how you found my shop

    I blog and tweet too

    I'm a textile designer and screen printer. My printed fabric is used in Red Bridge products.


  33. Hey Michelle, you already know me with blog and twitter land but here I am anyway.

    About me? I'm a former Art Director that left the interactive agency (mainly as I was burnt out and fed up with the BS) and I've now started my own stationery company focusing on eco-friendly goodies.

    Hmmm, what else? Originally I'm from England but moved to Toronto 10 years ago - TIME FLIES!

    Thanks for being my virtual buddy. Happy of of met you. :)

    Oh and this post also inspired me to do the same on mine. Thanks for the great idea! It's been really interesting to read who everyone is. :)

  34. Michelle, your blog is stunning. Great content and pictures. I like that you're introducing us to other blogs like Decor Addict.

    Me? I'm based in Brooklyn, love home decor, collect vintage dresses and love looking at pretty things. My blog is

  35. Hi Michelle, This is a great idea and one that I will borrow for my own blog. I just discovered your space via fellow Australian fabric designer Danielle Smeets. I design and hand-print organic and natural fabrics. Please visit my blog: Of course, we ship our lovely fabrics worldwide.

  36. Hi Michelle!!!
    I discovered your wonderful blog through Thea & Sami.
    I have a line of children's clothing that I manufacture in Cochabamba, Bolivia. We hand knit with the finest pima cotton and baby alpaca.
    I started the project while living there as a poverty alleviation project for women in the city of Cochabamba.
    I now live in Africa and travel three times a year to Bolivia to create the Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter collections.
    I started my blog about two months ago and I am really enjoying it. My blog is about my work, my life in Kenya and Bolivia and my inspiration.
    This is a great idea so we can all visit other artists and creative people's blogs. Thank you!!!

  37. Hi...This is Richard. I am engineering graduate. I am working as a marketing associate in seo based company. I hope you would share lot of thing with us. Keep smiling...

    alpaca clothing

  38. Hi Michelle,
    I discovered your Blog today and thrilled to see that you have beautiful mood boards too!
    I started my Blog tittle Mood Board a month back,and i enjoy it a ton!I Design beautiful Draperies,window coverings Bedding,Pillows for interior Designers
    Most fabrics are custom designed in India in my sisters factory.
    I love to bring the couture to Home'so every product is exclusive and unique with custom details.
    I am working on my new website, will keep you posted.
    Absolutely enjoy your finds!
    love to hear any suggestions from you!