Friday, January 30, 2009

I Just Couldn't Take It Anymore

The affright of being confined to a cubicle everyday finally got to me and I snapped.  There is something so soul sucking and lifeless about generic office furniture.  Who decided that a sea of beige would be a good idea?  It certainly does not fashion a backdrop that fosters creativity and ingenuity.  Yesterday afternoon I went a little nuts trying to change that.  I neatly filed away all of my paper piles and cleared the clutter from my cube walls.  Then I started printing out pretty pictures that make me happy and hung them up instead.   
Sorry for the weird photo, I had to snap it quickly from my cellphone.  Just so everyone knows, I work in an office with mostly engineers and some scientists.  It's an environment where I'm pretty sure most of the people around me don't really "get me".  Taking photos of my cube probably won't help that situation so I was trying to be incognito.  

More pictures went up after I took this shot.  The ones you see there are from the ever so talented Mrs. French of Bliss.  She has a bunch of gorgeous photographs on flickr and even though I was limited to copy paper and a terrible color printer as soon as the first one went up I immediately felt better.  I think I will just slowly add to the collection as I come across beautiful images.  

Any of you out there confined to cubicle spaces for many of your daylight hours?  Have you felt the need to spruce up your space to make it feel less sterile?  If so, I would love to hear what you've done.  Even better, if you have photos (or can sneak a few) I would love to see them.  

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  1. I've done this MANY times. I absolutely have to have a pretty space to work in or I can't function. I also incorporate plants and ... get this: unscrew the florescent bulbs from above (ick!) and use a desk lamp.

    It's great if you can get the whole area to collaborate on that last one ... the ambiance is so much better!

  2. desk lamp is the definitely the next addition. urban outfitters had some cute one's on sale. i think i'll grab one on my home today.

  3. this brings back MAJOR memories. I covered my fabric built in tack boards with wrapping paper (LOL) and I use to clean my cubicle each night with berry windex. :) i also tacked up lots of pretty prints and photos, brought in fresh flowers once a week, softly played music at my desk, and i brought in a really nice lamp for my desk too. it was great. when i had an office, i went ALL OUT. i didn't even put on the overhead lights, i brought in 3 lamps and it was amazing, along with my bose system, and played brit rock, classical, and chill out music all day with the door shut of course. unfortunately most of my life was in a cubicle though so i had limitations. but i drove the facilities people crazy with my request to have an ergonomic chair (one reason was my back, another it was well designed) and i always had to have them replace furniture that looked worn. i was one of "those" employees, i bet they rolled their eyes when i called. :)

  4. For me a bland work environment helped me with the resolve I needed to get myself out of that place! It worked. And I didn't have that much to pack up in the end, either ;)

  5. my day job: awful cubicle..
    my freelance job: awsome studio space.

    I always post about creative spaces because they do give you inspiration !

  6. Oh, I hear you! I spent years as a Corporate Monkey trapped in a cubby and it definitely sucked the life out of me. I quit to be self-employed, and while I can't afford to do a lot of what I used to do, I am SO MUCH HAPPIER!

    I'm glad you found a way to brighten your environment. Nice pix!

    Kate (Shibori Girl from OWOH)

  7. I don't use my florescent light bulbs. I have 2 desk lamps which I get so many comments on. I really want to find a poster of a burning fireplace to make it that much cozier. :-)

  8. When I worked in a box, I had the walls covered in prints, pictures, happy funny things, etc. When I became a teacher, I made sure that my room was bright, colorful, and engaging. I've bought chairs and rugs for reading corners, lamps to avoid the overhead flourescents, opened blinds for natural light, etc. I teach high school students, so anything to keep their attention and keep them awake! Besides, when the walls get painted once every five years in prison grey, you have to do something to cover it up!

  9. I used to work in an office too. Yes to the desk lamp. Add some plants. Whatever it takes. Don't let the cubicle sap your energy!

    I'm having a litle sale on my art prints right now to beautify your work environment, but you could always print some of my little flickr images out for free!

    Linda Plaisted
    Manymuses Studio

  10. i love reading everyone's comments, it's great to know i'm not the only one who doesn't handle being confined in a dull space well. no one around be ever seemed to bother by it.

    More lovely pics went up Monday morning and my sad little plant is getting a pretty new pot from Ikea.

    Cicada Studio, i hear you however i see myself having to hang around for a while before that can happen and I was in such a funk. I needed to pull myself out of it.