Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just More Love

I've got love on the brain today.  And not the sappy puppy love but more loving life, love for friends and family, loving the moment, loving what the future might hold and maybe a little of the sappy kind of love too.  I've been searching around flickr for pictures that say love to me.  Did you know when you search "Love" in flickr you get 6,663,307 results?  Sweet, isn't it?  Then this afternoon I received this message in my facebook inbox: 

Tragic news. Gail Lindsey, who has been battling liver cancer for some time, died yesterday afternoon, Feb. 2. Gail's spirit was a bright light to anyone who knew her, heard her, or even occupied a room with her. She will be missed. 

Here are some of Gail's characteristic remarks from "Women in Green":

"A mentor once told me that to change the world, I should change myself. But that’s hard! Sustainability is most profound when you find it personally. Once you respect and love yourself, you start respecting and loving and valuing everything else—other people, the planet—because you know that you are connected."

“All we have to do is love more. Love ourselves more. Love the ecosystems more. Just love more.” 

I never knew Gail but my heart ached for those who will be missing her as she was obviously loved very deeply.  Most importantly I'll keep that message of love close to me.  I want to love more, love myself more, love my friends more, and let them know how much they are loved.  So to all of you, however you say it:  

Photo credit: Flickr 


  1. Oh so true! Thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. That totally just gave me goosebumps. And made me run over to hug my (very confused) husband. He said "And I didn't even take out the trash yet."

  3. im touched.love more,that's what i'll do!

    saya cintamu,that's malaysia's language ;)