Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Impulse Purchase...

But who can resist temporary tattoos created for design-minded kids-at-heart. Tattly, started by Tina a.k.a swissmiss, was born from her distaste of the hideous temporary tattoos selection her daughter had to choose from. The list of designers who've contributed to the project include Julia Rothman, Jessica Hische, Jennifer Ward, and more.

tattly swiss miss temporary tattoos
The site went live today and I couldn't resist the aperture and you're late tattoos.

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  1. Impulse buys are just what they are, out of impulse. That is why they are right by the checkout line always. I do however always seem to come away with really awesome stuff on a whim like this.

  2. @Julia Edelmann I just spent some time going through your online portfolio and I really love your work. I really responded to the Wicker Park Restoration, what an amazing space.