Thursday, June 25, 2009

Won't You Please Come In

One of the negatives about living in a condo is that you often lack a proper entry. This is the case with my home. When you enter my front door you walk right into my dining area. Not a big problem really but it would be nice to have a place to enter, drop your keys, and hang your coat before you're smack dab in the middle of your dining room. I hoping the next home will be equipped with a center hall and I've been collecting photos for future inspiration.

The hardest decision for me to make seems to be, should there be a slim console table and a chair or two?

via diy

domino via sfgirlbyby

Or should there be a really fabulous bench?

house beautiful via decorno

Decisions, decisions. Which option do you prefer? It's fun pretending I have to make this decision some time soon when really I probably have a few more years before I have to worry about it.


  1. OOOOOH! I've been dreaming of a formal entry with a fancy staircase just like in some of the pictures you posted. They make my mouth water!

  2. What a lovely post! I'm drooling over these... I'd love the one from style files, though I'm pretty sure I'd go for something along the lines of the maus haus photo for functionality's sake.

    I love interior decoration ideas. One day...

  3. table and chairs! mostly because they're more functional. i would throw my purse on a bench, but SO lose the keys ;) tables take care of that problem! oh, and these pics? totally gorg.

  4. I hear you. I would die for a foyer. We have an elevator that opens up to our apartment. And by the elevator is the stroller (nice huh?). As soon as the kids outgrow the need for a stroller, I need to figure out what to do about our (not)entryway.

  5. I have a console with stools under it :) a nice combination. I love it and have had it even in my old house which had no foyer - I just put it by the front door. Great to have a place to put things, sit on whilst removing shoes etc.

  6. Loving these pictures. The Haus Maus one with the gorgeous stained glass. Mmm! The orange stripe in the Design Sponge one. Drool worthy.