Sunday, November 29, 2009

Awakening from the Food Coma

Happy Monday morning all. To the U.S. readers - How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was fab. It appears I took an unplanned week off from blogging. Crazy me thought I was going to have time to write last week in addition to working and cooking a meal for eleven. I thought it might be nice to share some photos of our holiday fest, especially since it kept me away from you for so long.

thanksgiving table

My table setting ways pretty simple so I thought it would be fun to liven things up with some party poms.

thanksgiving table setting

Most of the items on the table were traditional Thanksgiving - fall colored fiestaware bowls, autumn leaf table cloth, floral centerpiece of mums and orange roses. I love the colors of the season so I don't step too far out of the box when it comes to Thanksgiving decorating.

party poms thanksgiving decor

I'm a little obsessed with these poms and don't want to take them down. Problem is they clash with my Christmas decor. I love them so much they inspired a little blog makeover this weekend. Yes I gave my blog a fall themed makeover two days before December. How does it look?

thanksgiving table setting whimsy and spice favors

I usually make favors for my guests but this year I decided to order cardamom marshmallows from
Whimsy & Spice and they were a huge hit. I don't think anyone had seen handmade marshmallows before, certainly not cardamom flavored ones. I ordered extra for myself of course. My plaid napkin wraps made an appearance on the table as well.

thanksgiving dinner

thanksgiving dinenr

Man, look at all of that food. You should have seen the dessert table, it was equally obscene. No one wonder why my mother and I had to start cooking on Tuesday evening. It may take days to pull together such a fest but it's worth it. We all enjoyed every bite and I have way too many left overs. I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine. I'd love to hear how you spent your holiday. If you were the host(ess) please share your cooking successes or disasters.

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  1. Love the new blog design + pom poms! My Thanksgiving was wonderful - probably one of my most eventful! We had a full house of 13+ people and kids. Plus 1 dog who was just dying to have some turkey! ;-) It was nice.

  2. Wow Kristin, your thanksgiving sounds even more hectic than mine. Ours was also accompanied by a dog dying for some turkey, I was shocked at how patiently he waited for it.

  3. It looks amazing. Really, well organized and carried off beautifully. I
    LOVE the poms and the blog makeover.

  4. LOVING your new Header!!!!! I just redid mine as well, but think it's a bit too "blue". Will probably change it again!.

  5. Gorgeous new look, and truly, every day should have party poms. Such fun.

  6. Ooh, me likey the header too. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday Michelle!

  7. Seriously, seriously love the pom poms and header. I want to make some white ones for Christmas! How did you learn to do it?

  8. look great and the orange pom pom look so cool
    well done

  9. That was such a nice visit to your blog! Just joined. I'm a newbie. I found you through FB networked Blogs. Great Blog!

    ChK out: