Monday, January 4, 2010

Well......It's 2010

And most of us are back to the daily grind. Most of the holiday buzz has worn off and we've probably already broken one or two of our resolutions. I'm sure the first post of the year for many of the blogs you've read this morning were filled with optimism, proclamations of resolutions, far reaching blog goals, and big changes in the works. They'll be none of that today on Design Evolution. It's not that I am not optimistic for 2010, I am very much so, and I'm setting big personal goals. But it's scary to throw them all out there for the world to see so I'm keeping them to myself for now. And I also hope to make big changes, for the better of course, to Design Evolution but I'm just not quite ready to make such an announcement.

So instead, for today, I'll leave you with my my favorite interior photo from 2009.

Every time I see this photo pop up on a blog it catches my eye. I love everything about this space, the perfectly arranged art wall with miss matched frames, the mix and match chairs, that amazing floating console. I must own that string light fixture, I've been drooling over it for an entire year.

One small blog addition that I can announce today is that small imagine on the left sidebar. I'm taking a shot at Project 365 and attempting to take one photo every single day. I figured posting it in the sidebar might make me feel more accountable. I hope I can make it through the year, it would be a great way to look back at how I spent 2010.

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Photo Credit: Skona Hem


  1. I love that photo too. Everything about it is just perfect.

    I think a lot of us bloggers are attempting Project 365 this year - it's a great project! Good luck!

  2. you go girl! 361 and not counting! loving mismatched chairs at the moment too! ox t

  3. look forward to your pics...and do hope your goals, published or private are met!


  4. That's a beautiful start to Project365!

  5. Oh gosh, I love this pic.
    I was looking for some inspiration cause I'm planning to redecorate my flat, and I would like to make a wall of frame just like this one.
    Thanks for inspiring me that much !
    And of course, good luck for your resolutions ;-)

  6. It’s the shade of the light I’m attracted about this room and the angle. It’s very wide and open I love it.

  7. I totally agree with you it’s the warm and cozy ambiance of the room I like.

  8. That's a rockin space. Love it!