Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Best of Met Home November '08

Balloona Stool

Arlene Hirst apparently thinks it is an excellent idea to cover a perfectly good wooden stool with 500 balloons, the result she calls marvelous. Say what?

Balloona Stool

Along with Arlene, I am also surprised this is the designer's first product ever produced but I have a feeling it's for a different reason. I suppose if you do enjoy this piece and have way too much free time you could get yourself a lack side table and a few bags of water balloons and go to town. Probably save yourself about $200.

Okay enough with the hating, here's a few things I actually enjoyed from this issue.

Casa Piccola

Where have I seen this lovely studio before?

Luca Andrisani studio in metropolitan home

Oh yeah, this is where:

Luca Andrisani studio on apartment therapyLuca Andrisani's 400 square foot studio was the third place winner in Apartment Therapy's Smallest Coolest contest. I recognized the place immediately from that fantastic coffee table (vintage of course). The most impressive part of this small space is the white lacquer double-sided storage wall dividing the living space and the bedroom. The televisions you see in the photos above are actually one television which can pivot to face either the bedroom or the living room. Genius!

The Future According To...

I really related to this statement from interior designer, Tracey Overbeck Stead: "Design is getting very real, very purposeful and very functional. My clients don't want 100% silk drapes that require dry cleaning and cost a million dollars a yard, and they don't want to have to polish countertops. They want as little fuss as possible. The future will be about designing for how you live daily and not about having a guest bedroom that you never use."

Ten Questions with Hella Jongerius

Hella gave the greatest response to an interview question, "...I've been sucessfull not because I have breasts but because I am good." It must be wonderful to have such confidence in your own abilities, I'll get there someday.

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