Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Weekend Accomplishments - Round One

I was actually able to scratch a few projects off of the list this weekend. I love the sense of accomplishment you get when you can call a project done. Though most of the things I worked on this weekend can really be called "done, well sort of".

First up, the coffee table project. Originally I had my sights set on the Bradshaw Coffee table from Room and Board, isn't she lovely, but ultimately decided that it was just too pricey from me. Besides, as much as I love it, at 42" it's a bit too large for my space. So, off to ebay to find a vintage mid century piece that would have a similar feeling as the Bradshaw table. After a very tedious ebay search for the perfect table (which I found several times but too many auction end past my bedtime or I would just plain forget to bid on them) I finally found it. Here it is in my living room:

mid century modern coffee table

I plan on having a 32" - 36" round glass top made for it but I was too excited to wait for the top to use it so for now it has the rectangular top from my old coffee table. Oh, and I am aware that little area rug looks ridiculous under the table, it is by no means permanent. So now for the actual project. I decided that I wasn't ready to just throw away the old coffee table, I've been working harder to find more creative uses for the things I own. Here's what the coffee table looked like before:

I purchased it at Target several years ago. It's not bad looking though this photo actually makes it look like it is in better shape than it really is. What you can't see is that my wonderful puppy chewed the crap out of one of sides. Plus the "wood" is really soft so it has several bumps and bruises through out the years. My solution to fixing the beat up parts of the table:

target coffee table

Cut them off! Now the table will serve as a bench at the foot of my bed. It still seems a bit wide so I might cut one more section off. Since it is Target "wood" furniture, it was super easy to saw through. The unfinished side will be facing the bed so I'm not even going to bother finishing it. I'd like to make a cushion to go on top and them I can really call this project done.

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