Wednesday, November 12, 2008

le souk - Pol's Potten Lamps

Oh happy day, the lovely flower lamps from Pol's Potten are back in stock at le souk and I am about to order two for my console table. Now I just have make up my mind about what size I want; I keep going back and forth between the small and large size. If only there was a medium size then this decision would be so much easier to make. Either way, I'm definitely placing my order today. I would hate to have them sell out again because I'm in a non-committal sort of mood.

I just wanted to take this moment to applaud the great customer service that I have received so far from le souk. Although I have not yet placed an order with the online shop I have had several conversations via email, all of which have been quite pleasant. I contacted the shop for information about the possibility of adapting these lamps for use in the U.S. and receive some great advice. Also, when the lamps were sold out, I sent and email to le souk letting them know I was interested in purchasing them and got an email this morning that they were back in stock. Every time I emailed the shop I receive a prompt (say day) and friendly reply. Paying this much attention to customer service is something that many online retailers do not do but is so important. Because I have found so eay to communicate the the retailer I am looking forward to placing my order and would definitely shop from them in the future.

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  1. yay for le souk! I think i'm going to cave myself and purchase those lamps as well. We're moving into our new place in January, and they would be perfect! I love their shop!