Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally Welcoming Spring

I'm generally apprehensive about getting excited for the start of Spring. Spring is such a tease. Taunting us one day with a delightfully sunny and warm day only to turn on us the next. One morning I leave my home with only a light cardigan and the next it's back to the winter coat because it's windy, cold, and dumping buckets of rain on my me. I'm slowly warming up to Spring (since she's slowly warming up to me) and decided to welcome her with a sweet little gift. A sweet little gift to myself of course.

Amy, from the etsy shop
the bline, creates darling wearable works of art out of polymer clay. This lovely ring arrived at my door several days ago and I've been wearing it ever since. It's like a little reminder that warmer days and blooming front yards gardens will be here before I know it. In fact I stumbled upon these early birds of Spring just the other day. Welcome Spring.


  1. Cute ring! Are those your hands? They're just as pretty as the ring. Seriously I'd be too ashamed to show a photo of my hands anywhere in the blogosphere. Ever since mommyhood they've deteriorated. Ok, now you're going to be staring at my hands on Saturday. lol

  2. It's true. Spring is the biggest tease. And I feel as if our little town is well behind as I look at all the lovely photos of flowers everyone is posting. I'm so glad that little ring is bringing you some sunshine. Thanks for showing it off!

  3. You and the ring are both fabulous. Unbeatable combination!