Monday, June 8, 2009

Just Had to Laugh at Myself...

...staring at one of my walls, hand on chin, very seriously pondering which color of greige, beige, or gray I'm going to paint my living room walls.

I have essentially chosen 15 variations of the same color. How could I possibly choose which would be the best color?

After much pondering and observing the colors in all possible lighting situations the winners are Silver Drop and Swan Wing. Isn't Swan Wing such a lovely name for a paint color? The Silver Drop is actually much lighter in person then it looks in this photo. I hope we like it once it's up on the walls because the living room has way too many walls to consider repainting.


  1. Maybe it is just me, but I'm not really seeing a difference, lol, then again, color blindness runs in my family.

  2. Too hard to tell online, so good luck with that. ;)))

  3. Looks nice. Any updates of the finished project? Did the colors look the same as on the paint chip? I'm going to be repainting, too, and I thought I would have to buy paint samples to actually paint on the walls. :)