Thursday, August 27, 2009

Home Tour: Lara Bobo from Enid

This is my very first home tour so I hope you enjoy it. The voyeur in me loves to get a peak inside the homes of creative individuals and young business owners. Today's home tour is that of Tim and Lara Bobo, the owners of the home and lifestyle shop Enid in Fredericksburg, TX.

Enid Shop

I was first introduced to the Enid shop through Twitter and immediately fell in love with it. In addition to being a brick and mortar shop in Texas, Enid also an online shop that is full of fun and fabulous personal and home accessories. I love the story behind the name of the shop almost as much as the items contained within it. The shop is named after Lara's grandmother, Enid Collins, a handbag and accessory designer of the 50s, 60, and 70s. Lara describes Enid as the perfect name for the shop because her tastes are so inspired by her grandmother's wonderful creativity and sense of style.

Laura Bobo from Enid - Kitchen

I first got a glimpse of Lara and Tim's colorful home after writing my last
color combination post. Lara sent me a link to her loft with it's bold turqouise paint floors and I new I had to see more. Lara is certainly not afraid of color but has the ability to make her bold color combinations come together effortlessly.

Laura Bobo from Enid - Living Room

Lara and Tim moved into our house this past December, after spending about a year building it. They did a lot of the work ourselves, since Tim has a background in construction. Lara's husband Tim also made all of the wood and metal side tables and coffee table with his own two hands. A selection of handmade of these tables can be found at the Enid shop. Custom tables are also available, you can find more information about them

Laura Bobo from Enid - Bedroom

The bedroom continues the theme of a playful marrige of color but is more subdued and peaceful than some of the other rooms in the house. That gray wall color is perfection.

Laura Bobo from Enid - Bathroom

Take some time to browse through the Enid shop, I'm sure you'll find more than a few things you like. Right now there is a huge selection of sale items in the shop and on the website. And for the cherry on top, currently everything ships from the website for a flat rate of $8 anywhere in the contiguous United States.

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  1. This is a great house! I love the use of color and all the rugs!

  2. Amazing house! That bathroom makes me all kinds of happy!

  3. This is lovely - I can see why you wanted more! The colors and pieces here are gorgeous.

  4. You should make house tours a regular feature. Love this one, so fresh and fun.

  5. love, love the colors... particularly the blues and greens.

    by the way, I just started following your blog. I hope you can follow mine too!

    have a great weekend.

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    Living in Style Network
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  6. I'm a fan of the bathroom vanity. Rather urban.

  7. I agree Rebecca. I especially love how they've combined it with the very classic tub.