Thursday, September 10, 2009

Toast - Fall '09 House & Home

Whenever I flip through (well actually click through) a Toast catalogue I have the same thought. I could dive right into the pages and live happily amongst them. I had that same feeling while going through the new fall House & Home catalogue.

toast fall '09 house&home catalogue

Every image is warm and comfortable and not the tiniest bit stuffy. I like to linger in that deep copper tub and then slip into the crisp, striped sheets.

toast fall '09 house&home catalogue

P.S. After spending yesterday afternoon pulling together my favorite photos from the catalogue I can across at least three other blogs that posted about the fall '09 Toast House & Home catalogue. I usually make an effort to have this blog not feel too repetitive but since I spent the time putting this together I decided to post it anyway. Hope I'm not boring you with things you've already seen. Feel free to tell me if and when I am.

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1 comment:

  1. Ha, that is too funny. I actually have a post scheduled for today with a jacket that I found from Toast and then I went to another blog this morning and found that they had done a post with photos from the catalog too, which was a link back from another blog who had done a post on them!! So much for originality! Hopefully Toast will get some business from all this blogging!