Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Occasional Indulgences

Occasional Indulgences
Amala Beauty

A large majority of the posts I write here at
Design Evolution are focused on affordable design. I like to share as many resources as I can that will help you create a beautiful home at any budget. But it's no fun to worry about pinching our pennies 24/7. Every now and then you have to allow yourself the occasional indulgence. For me, this usual means skincare products which is why I am so happy to have been introduced to Amala. Amala creates their products using high potency plants sourced exclusively from global fair trade farmers. Each plant ingredient is grown organically and sustainably in its native habitat. It is extremely rare to find a company so dedicated to its social and environmental ethics in this world full of green washing.

My current product favorite is the purifying toner. Magically, without a hint of stinging, dryness, or overwhelming alcohol smell it manages to remove any remaining makeup residue and reduce excess oil. I should also mention that there are no chemical fragrances added to any of the products. Actually Amala uses no synthetic ingredients at all, pretty amazing. And if you're a sucker for packaging like I am you'll love the tactile paper and cork container that many of the products come in. Though I consider $48 for the 3.4 mL bottle an indulgence when you consider the excellent quality it can hardly be considered expensive. Plus if you break that down into cost per use it ends up being cents per day which how I like to justify a purchase ;)

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  1. I was fortunate to get a few samples once and they were among the nicest products I have ever used. I keep looking for the financial opportunity to buy, but alas, it never seems to come what with kids, home and life! I do hang on the hope that I'll be able to splurge someday. They rank with 1 1/2hr massages and haircuts from my favorite stylist-all too lacking in my life!

  2. Love and nurture self. Just the intention behind this post is refreshing. It's these little things that make a difference in ones attitude to start a day. Feel good about yourself and your days' interactions reflect that back to you like a mirror, with positive outcomes.
    I am a firm believer in quality over quantity any day. I have become accustomed to lux linens, after my years in the biz, and travel with my own pillow, no matter how short a trip. Won't go to sleep without it!

    I have heard good touting about Amala from the discerning eye of Nicole @ LittleBrownPen. I can't wait to try these products. ox t

  3. i will have to look into this ... for sculpting and the cottage remodel is taking it's toll!