Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Place for Everything...

February is Bathroom Month

I'm sure you all spent the weekend scrubbing your hearts out with the home made concoctions we learned about from homemakers of yore. So now that your bathrooms are spic and span and free of all those nasty harsh chemicals there is the issue of stuff to deal with. Bathrooms are stuff traps. With all of the cleansers, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, cotton balls, makeup that we need accessible everyday is hard to figure out the best and most pleasing way to store it all. Michelle Engel Bencsko shared photos with me of her recently renovated master bathroom and I spotted a lot of great storage tricks that would work well in any bathroom.

Bathroom Organization
Apothecary jars in various sizes keep items used daily neatly contained but still right at your finger tips. Michelle chose to store the more unsightly items like toilet paper and her toilet brush in decorative vases. Functional and beautiful, I love it!

Bathroom Organization
Installing this modern floating sink created a ton of storage space below. Michelle now neatly stores all of her bath and hand towels in baskets stashed underneath the sink. Hands down my favorite feature of this bathroom makeover is the slim floating shelf installed above the sink. I'm a big fan of getting things up off of counter space and this does that very effectively. Toothbrushes are still with in reach but housed in pretty cups and up on a shelf they look more like a display and less link clutter. Great job Michelle, I love what you've done!

Photo Credit: Michelle Engel Bencsko

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  1. I really love the jars where she keeps the cotton pads!

  2. oh wow, i've been putting my life in boxes and lock & lock, amazed when i saw this, realize there's another way then just organized boxes >..<