Friday, March 12, 2010

Rooms You Can Really Live In

Living Room Month has gotten to a slow start but I thought we would take it easy this Friday and just browse some photos of wonderfully chic and well put together rooms that are still comfortable enough to live in. The back drops for most of these rooms are pretty neutral but furniture and accessory colors are warm and inviting. And in the end, warm and inviting is what it's all about. If the room is beautiful but no one feels comfortable sitting it, what's the point? Here's some loveliness, enjoy.

Jan Skacelik

Sasa Antic

Elle Decor
elle decor

Abigail Ahern

Aaron Hom

Happy Friday and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. More in depth Living Room wonderfulness to come next week.

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  1. Gosh love that graphic art!
    What logophile would not?

  2. Beautiful start! I can't wait to see what you come up with. Living rooms, I think, can be tricky to get right, so they are comfy to live in but still look nice and put together. These are great selections to start the month!

  3. gosh they are such beautiful rooms.
    i want to live in those photographs!