Sunday, June 20, 2010

Days with my Father

Days with my Father
You may be familiar with the website Days With My Father, a son's photo journal of his aging father's last years. Following the death of his mother, photographer Phillip Toledano was shocked to learn of the extent of his father's severe memory loss. He started a blog on which he posted photographs and accompanying reflections on his father's changing state. Through sometimes sad, often funny, and always loving observations, we follow Toledano as he learns to reconcile the elderly man living in a twilight of half memories with the ambitious and handsome young man he occasionally still glimpses. I've visited the site many times and everytime I do it breaks my heart a little, I smile, and almost everytime I cry. Toledano has taken this beautiful site and turned it into a hardcover book. A wonderful gift to remember time spent with your father.

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