Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let's Chat: Holiday Traditions & A Few Tips

It's just two days until the big meal will be on the able, just one more day until I need to start preparing it, my house is as clean as it's ever going to be, and I've got my table setting all planned out. I thought it would be nice to take a break from all this preparation and chat about holiday traditions.

Grandmother's Turkey Roasting Pan

This is the pan within which my turkey will be roasting. It was my grandmother's roasting pan. My mother used this pan to roast turkey for all of the Thanksgiving dinners she hosted and it has been with me for the past three years. That pan has seen many generations of Thanksgiving meals and I'm sure will be around to see many more. Do you have an old faithful that comes out of the cupboard for every big meal? How about a recipe that you must make every Thanksgiving?

Here's a corny little story that has basically become a family tradition. We always serve artichokes for Thanksgiving and it must be said by at least one person every year - "It might choked Artie but it ain't gonna choke Stymie!" Every year! It's from the Little Rascals and it's a joke my grandfather loved to tell so we have to keep the tradition going. I'd love the hear some of your family's silly traditions.

I have a few tips to share to keep you as sane as possible during your Thanksgiving preparation. *Do as much as can ahead of time - pictured above is my coffee station. I set that up Sunday afternoon which means it one last thing I have to think about on Thursday. I set up this area because I have a pretty small kitchen so this frees up valuable counter space. All of my servings utensils are gathered and cleaned. This might sound a little OCD but I like to pull out all of my serving dishes and label each with a post it of what is going to be served in it. Anything I can do ahead of time that means I don't have to think on Thursday is worth it! Please share some of your tips for remaining sane during the holidays. I can use all of the help I can get :)

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