Thursday, March 10, 2011

Occasional Indulgences: Illume Good Nature Candle

anthropologie coconut mango candle

I know most of us try hard to find the most affordable option to complete a project, or pull together an outfit, or even prepare a meal. The majority of the posts I write here on Design Evolution are focused on affordable design. While I love to score a deal as much as the next person I also believe that it's important to treat yourself every once an a while. Even if it's a small treat like this candle. Normally I would balk at paying $16 for an 8 ounce candle, especially because I often make my own candles at home, but this one is definitely worth it. These
Illume Good Nature candles come in several scents but the Coconut Milk Mango is my hands down favorite. The scent throw is so amazing it will fill a room (but not overwhelm it) without having to light the candle. It smells just like vacation in a pretty gold tin. I love it so much I'm actually considering venturing out in the torrential rains we are having today to replace one that just burned out.

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