Friday, January 9, 2009

Target Home Design Event

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, last night I hit up Target to check out the Home Design Event. Surprisingly the only things I ended up buying were things that can be found in the 99 cent section. Not exciting I know but I actually did find some really useful stuff there. For instance, I picked up a decent looking trash can for the bedroom ($2.50 though, not $1) so that my boyfriend no longer has an excuse for throwing those little paper tags that the dry cleaner staples to laundered shirts all over the floor. We'll call last night recon because I headed to Target again tonight (a different Target with more inventory) and will probably actually buy a few things for home.

Here are some of things I saw in the store a really loved. First up this lamp is totally fabulous. It looks completely not interesting online but is lovely in person. The glass has a soft green tint and the shade has a green and white leaf pattern on the inside of the shade (nice touch) that you see when it is illuminated.
This side table is also much nicer in person than it appears online (who does the product shots for Target? They could be so much better). The color is not nearly as red as it appears here. I love seeing all of this wood grain. It's a contender for a side table in my living room.

Here are a few great stools. I was actually hoping to purchase the first stool to act as a side table next to my sofa but it is too low. It is in fact a stool. I've been jonesing for one of those twisty stools from Viva Terra which are available in a height suitable for placement next to the sofa. This unfortunately will not make a good substitute. It's very nice don't get me wrong and if you're looking for a stool I'd recommend it.

I plan on picking this pillow and this throw up tonight. I think they'll make nice additions to my bedroom.
Oh, almost forgot to mention the WALLPAPER! I couldn't believe it when I spotted it. These are my two favorite patterns.

And finally (I could go on forever, there really is a lot of great stuff) I really like this collection of gray furniture. I have had gray furniture stuck in my head ever since I saw a post on Haus Maus with beautiful entry pieces from Car Moebel. Alas, this shop is located in Europe so these pieces are out of my reach. The Target collection is a decent substitute. If only they had that lovely piece with the bench and the coat hooks. And again it was much nicer in person. (There is also a bench available that is not pictured)

I'll let you know what I actually end up picking up. I've had a serious case of buyers apprehension lately but since this stuff is available for a limited time only there a few things I don't want to let slip away.

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  1. Great finds! I really like that first wooden table. I love all the grains showing.

  2. Where are those wallpapers from? I especially love the first one.


    p.s. i totally bombed on pop answers on facebook today!

  3. the wallpapers are at target silly.

    p.s. omg so did i, i only got one answer right

  4. Oh duh! I had no idea they had wallpaper!

    My branch side table arrived today (i linked over from your post a few days ago and ordered it). It's really great in person and a really nice size - I am considering ordering another one!


  5. you should grab the second one while everything is 30% off. I restrained myself and only got a pillow and a throw but I might have to go back soon.