Monday, January 5, 2009

A Bedroom Makeover for 2009

My home is currently in a state of incompletion. Several projects have been started in several different rooms but none have been totally finished. You would think that by now the kitchen would be totally complete if only to be able to avoid the embarrassing of saying "No, it's not quite done yet" when family and friends ask how it's coming along. It's only been a year since we started that project. Then, of course, not having the kitchen complete delays projects in other areas of the house. How can we start a new project when we have yet to complete others?

Well, in 2009 I've decided not to care. This doesn't mean that I plan to ignore incomplete projects in favor of starting new ones; it just means that I'm not going to feel guilty about picking a paint brush in the living room when there is still molding the attach the cabinets in the kitchen. One room that I would love to tackle soon is the master bedroom. We painted and made it "nice" and "liveable" when we first moved in but it's missing the warm, cozy, retreat feeling I feel a bedroom should have. Here is essentially what the room looks like now:

Not bad. Nice, clean and simple but a little too spare for a bedroom. There are definitely not enough textiles in the room, it actually echos when we speak sometimes. I pulled together a two options that require a few small changes but would really make a big impact. Most of the purchases would probably be from IKEA and I'd like to incorporate as much of the existing furniture as possible. Here is Option #1, the sunnier of the two mock ups:

I purchased the duvet cover a few months ago from West Elm and will be using that in the room. I made a simple tie up shade from the Amy Butler fabric and will be keeping that in the room as well. The walls in the room are painted Lazy Gray from Sherwin Williams but the trim work was never painted. Originally I thought we would paint it pure white but I think a creamier white will soften the contrast and compliment the shade and the duvet fabric. The furniture pictured is also already in the room except for the HEMNES bed frame from IKEA. I love the color of this bed frame and to bring in a bit more of that citrus yellow I would pick up a few of the SVEJE rugs in yellow and white stripe.

The second bedroom option has a lot of the same elements as the first but has an entirely different feeling. Painting the HEMNES bed frame Cloud White to match the trim makes it feel more modern though a little less playful. For this option I would also consider painting the nightstands either the same color as the bed or perhaps yellow. I purchased those nightstands from Target several years ago for about $30 a piece so they are ripe for experimentation. Switching out the SVEJE rugs with the sheepskin makes the room feel more luxurious, just what it needs. And for a finishing touch, some charcoal drapery panels to help keep out the cold. The addition of the drapes and the furry rugs should cozy the room right up.

While I love all of the punches of yellow in option 1, option 2 is the hands down favorite for me. It still looks clean and modern but has the feeling of a bedroom oasis. I'd love to hear everyone's opinion, which option do you prefer? 1 or 2? Are there elements of one that feel would work well in the another?


  1. When I saw option 1, I thought it was great... until I saw option 2, which I think is better. Plus, if it is your hands-down favorite, it should be a no-brainer! I love the idea of having shades of gray and white with a few pops of color.

  2. Hey are you this Blayne: ?
    If so your bedroom makeover turned out great. I love that duvet.

    Thanks for the bedroom advice, I'm such a sucker for the color yellow but toning it down a bit will probably be much better for the bedroom.

  3. I personally love option 1. I think it's mainly because I love to infuse my personal spaces with color. I can understand why option 2 is appealing though. There's nothing wrong with a nice restful bedroom to relax in at the end of the day.

  4. The Other Tiffany, i just spotted a fabulous Jonathan Alder rug that is making me lean towards option 1.