Friday, January 2, 2009

The High Seas Are Calling

It seems this time of year my favorite shops try to entice me to add pieces to my spring wardrobe even though it’s about 32 degrees outside and we won’t see signs of spring for months. I often find that clothing this time of year as a bit of a nautical feel perhaps because it is supposed to be considered “resort wear”. I am usually a sucker for anything navy and white so without fail every year I find myself buying at least one item of clothing that I can’t even think about wearing until March (with a cardigan on top of course, and my jacket). This year I’m doing my best to resist the lure of Banana Republic and instead went investigating was to incorporate that nautical aesthetic into the home without it feeling too cheeky or too much like a theme.

I came across this website, the
Brass Binnacle, and if you are able to look past some of the more charming items like this one…

…there are some real winning pieces to be found. A pair of these polished brass cleats flanking a window would make really interesting curtain tie backs. I'm picturing them with crisp white linen drapes.

I also really love these rope bumpers (they call them fenders on the site). They are an interesting substitute for an ottoman and can double as additional seating in a casual setting like a family room. A grouping of a few in different sizes would be really charming.

Here’s a photo from Domino (sorry I never saved the source info so I don’t remember who’s home this or what month this is from) showing a rope bumper doubling as an ottoman.

And finally, I love these verdigris compass bookends. They would look really sharp on a bookshelf in a classically styled study or library.

Photo Credits: The Brass Binnacle

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