Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Furniture at Urban Outfitters

After all of the merriment had commenced and I had the entire day to spend vegging out on the sofa, I finally took the time to go through all of my emails that been piling up in my inbox. Most were ads for pre (and post) holiday sales that “I just can’t pass up” (or so they tell me) but and email from Urban Outfitters caught my attention. I regularly check the furniture section of Urban’s website looking for something cute and affordable for my place or a friend’s though I have not seen anything new there in awhile. Looks like I’m in luck because not only is there new furniture for sale but there are also some perfect pieces for my living room and for Jacqueline’s bedroom.

There is an interesting mix of styles, some pieces that fit well with the Danish modern look that they had been striving for, but others that perhaps might feel more at home in a Brocade Home catalog. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Lana velvet pouf is the perfect piece for a living room (especially mine). I’m always having friends over for dinner or drinks so furniture pieces like this one that can serve many functions are winners in my book. I would use this as a side table next to the sofa with a pretty silver tray on top and if company was coming and more seating was necessary just remove the tray and now you have one more place for someone to plop. Poufs can get pretty pricey so at $89 I think this one is well worth it.

The Lola studded headboard is the piece that I think would be perfect for Jacqueline’s bedroom (there has been a bit of a revamp on the original design, more on that soon) though the product description on the website scares me a little. I’m pretty sure it’s saying that the fabric covering the headboard is PVC. I don’t know that she would be down for shiny plastic headboard, nor one that may be off gassing while she lay there sleeping. The curve on the top is nice and doesn’t seem too difficult to replicate so this may end up being a piece that we make ourselves. This is one of those situations where I would like to see the piece before I buy it, though I’m pretty sure you can order fabric swatches from Urban Outfitters free of charge.

This Smoke and Mirrors side table is just one of those totally functional, affordable, and good looking tables that can be used in so many different rooms of the house. I love how shiny the base is although the multitude of fingerprints that it would collect might drive me a little crazy.

At $550 I consider this tufted chaise a bit pricey for Urban Outfitters but perhaps I should see it in person before passing judgment. I certainly love the look of it although I do wish that back legs were turned to match the front. Lounging on this chaise with a cozy throw reading a good book could be delightful.

Photo Credits: Urban Outfitters

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