Monday, February 1, 2010

Kell Nightmare

The best thing that has come out of starting this blog is the friends I've made in the process. Many of these friends are people that I may never meet in person, only know what they look like from their profile photos, and may not even know their last name. It seems a bit odd to call these folks friends without knowing the very intimate details of their personal lives. They are so different from my "real life" friends which are a very close circle most of I have known for more than half of my life. Besides these differences I still consider these online acquaintances true friends.

One the friends I've made through blogging is
Becky. While she is trained as a landscape architect, has a great eye for design and writes for both Hatch the Design Public blog and Houzz what we actually bonded over was reality TV. We both watch way too much of it and love to dish about it. Anything on Bravo is usually high on our list of favorites. Imagine our excitement when Bravo announced their new reality show Kell on Earth featuring Kelly Cutrone, founder of the PR firm People's Revolution. If you watched The Hills or The City you probably know Kelly as Lauren then Whitney's scary boss dressed all in black. Which is kind of sad for Kelly who built up People's Revolution to become one of the biggest PR firms in the fashion industry. Becky and I can't wait to see a show where Kelly is center stage. She's incredibly blunt, works really hard, and at the end of the day is a loving single mom to her 7 year old daughter Ava.

Any of you who already follow Becky's personal blog TheBubbReport know she provides hilarious weekly wrap ups of shows like Project Runway. As a fun little project the two of use have decided to join forces and provide our commentary of Kell on Earth. Since fashion and reality television are a bit of departure from the topics I usually write about here we'll post our commentary on TheBubbReport and I'll provide a link here to the post each week. I hope I can be as witty as Becky is when it comes to dishing about what I can only assume will become my new favorite show.

Kell on Earth

Kell on Earth premiers tonight on Bravo so check back tomorrow to see our commentary and join in on the conversation.

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  1. Hey Chica!
    I'm alex and I'm not only in the BYW class with you, I'm a "penpal" friend of Becky's (LOVE the BUbb Report) and fellow Jersey Shore addict.
    I can't tell you how excited I am about this dumb show.
    WHOooo hooo!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you over there (and I love your blog over here!)

    You can find me at
    strawberry lemonade or modern kiddo

  2. PS.....did you take holly's thing last time? did we meet then? am i spacing out? I feel like we did.....

  3. Hahaa! I love the Bubb Report too. I feel like we're all kindred spirits in reality trash tv!

    So excited for Kell on Earth, she's so brutal.

  4. Hi Alex, I didn't realize we were class mates but now that you mention it I do remember you from the first time around. Did you hear that the Jersey Shore cast signed on for a second season?! I'm looking forward to more ridiculousness.

  5. Yes, you'll be a funny gal and I want to read it!
    Give me the inside scoop with whipped cream and a big, old cherry on top.

    So glad you didn't permanently drop off the face of the earth. How did you wind up at Sundance? I don't remember too much about that topic during our last dish sesh. . .