Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Happened to Spring?

Last Friday it was at least 75 degrees in the northeast and then Monday morning I woke up to snow. Not cool Spring. I am not a fan of the crazy temperature fluctuations that Spring likes to tease us with. The first warm day makes me want to wear white pants and wedges that expose my toes. Instead I wore corduroy pants and a ski jacket to work today. I'll be a lot happier about Spring some time in mid-May. Until then I have these photographs that I took (with film & a non-digital SLR camera - crazy right?) around my neighborhood last Spring to gaze at longingly.




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  1. Michelle,

    These photos are AMAZING! I often LOVE the look of film rather than altering a digital image. I especially adore the middle photo. If you have more photos I hope you post them because I have a feeling you are pretty talented behind the camera. =) And if you don't mind me asking but what kind of camera and film did you use?


  2. @Jennie Prince My SLR is a 1983ish Olympus omG (or mo-20). It was one my grandfather's cameras so I love shooting with it. I honestly can't remember what film I used but I'm sure it was just something I picked up at CVS.

    I love the look (and process) of shooting with film too. I think I am going to do it more often.