Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 Days of Creativity

June 1st I decided to jump on board with a social initiative intended to encourage people to create everyday of the month of June. I was immediately drawn to the 30 Days of Creativity project because there are no rules, no pressure, and 30 days is not an overwhelming amount of time to commit to a project. I am making no plans about what I'm going to create each day, I'm just going with the flow. A few of my projects have included...

...a photograph of some gorgeous peonies that I picked up at Whole Foods...

...some watercolor polka dots ...
water color polka dots

...and a wristful of friendship bracelets.
hand knotted friendship bracelets

The best thing about this undertaking is that each small creative task has given me so many ideas for future projects. For example, I scanned the watercolor polka dots, created a pattern repeat of them, and had fabric printed with the design. And while the friendship bracelets was really sparked from a fun & silly twitter combo it lead me to a load of other jewelry ideas. Stay tuned to see what else I come up with.

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  1. i'm fond of those kind of structures for pushing me to pursue some ideas that i might put off. it will be so satisfying to look back on your month! it is amazing how a project leads to five more x

  2. Awesome! Is it too late to get involved? Maybe I should wait until the July version?

    Will there even be a July version?

  3. @Nydia I would say it's better late than never to get your creative juices flowing.