Monday, June 6, 2011

A Suburban Oasis

Nick and I have been living in our condo for almost 4 years and we're starting to get the itch to purchase a home. Our number one prerequisite for the next home is a great back yard. We'd love a place to play with the dog and host barbecues for friends and family. And also have a garden that's larger than 4'x4'. Until that day comes I decided to hijack the small piece of outdoor space adjacent to our condo building. It's a long, narrow strip of weedy land that has been left unattended for years. Unattractive as it is outdoor space is still valuable. So with a small budget and some manual labor we turned this space into a not very glamorous but pleasant place to relax outside.

The patio is made from Platta decking from Ikea and the small patio furniture set was actually purchased at the grocery store. The three self watering planters also from Ikea and provide more room for tomato plants.

It's not the big backyard that we dream about but I do look forward to coming home from the office, changing into a comfy maxi dress, and relaxing with a cup of ice coffee and my dog.

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