Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stunning Brass Feature Wall

I'm like a magpie with all things shiny these days. I love gold, brass, and other surfaces that sparkle and shine. Which is why I feel hard for this wall covered in brass tiles recently featured on Remodelista. Incredible, isn't it?

brass tile wall decor

Thanks to the joys of Pinterest, I recently came across two similar tutorials providing step by step instructions on how to recreate this expensive look using just poster board and gold spray paint. With some time and patience it's possible to simulate the effect for just a few dollars.

gold fish scale wall art treatment tile

The only question now is where will I be installing a gold fish scale wall in my own home?

Photo Credits: Top - Remodelista; Bottom Left - Two Thirty-Five Designs; Bottom Right - Kara Paslay

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  1. Hello Michelle, you have a lovely blog!
    follow me if you would like my blog:)

  2. WHAT?! This may be a Sunday afternoon project soon. I love a good crazy time-consuming project.

  3. @Ann I was thinking if you uses gold craft/scrapbook paper it would eliminate the spray painting step but I'm sure plain poster board and spray paint is cheaper.