Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You Should Buy This Furniture

Because I both don't have room for it nor do I have the means to get it to my house.

mid century modern dining furniture set craigslist

Come on, $100!!! You are torturing me Pennsylvania craiglists seller who obviously have no idea how desired an almost complete mid century walnut dining set is. The wood looks worse for wear but it's nothing some elbow grease, danish oil and Howards Feed and Wax can't fix.

mid century credenza craigslist

This is another great mid century walnut credenza and it looks like it's in pretty decent condition (from what I can tell from these not so great photos). You should buy it.

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  1. The furniture looks quite well, very nice and stylish and the price is more than attempting!

  2. Amazing prices. This is a fantastic find!

  3. Great find; it's very stylish!