Thursday, February 16, 2012

Change Can Be Good, Even if it is Completely Unexpected

This week is becoming Get Personal Week here on the old blog. Yesterday I shared some huge, exciting news and today I have some more life changing news to share. Unfortunately this news is a little less jubilant than yesterday's news. I got laid off from my job this week. I'm sharing this with all of you because considering the current job market some of you may be in the same situation. I thought it might be helpful (for you and me) to share what it's like to go through this process. I named this blog Design Evolution because I intended it to be a place where I would write about the progress of decorating, art, and craft projects and now it can be a place where I document by life's evolution. I have a great support system and a lot of positive energy coming my way so I'm looking at this as the opportunity I've been waiting for to figure out what my passion is. My plan is to pepper in my Day in the Life of the Unemployed amongst my existing content and I'll try to keep the tone light hearted (but I'm not making any promises) so I don't bum you all out.

First up - a plan to keep myself sane:
1 - Get dressed everyday. Sounds simple right but it's really easy to spend the entire day in your yoga pants. I think getting dressed and even putting on some makeup will be a positive way to start the day.
2 - No binging allowed. I had my little pity party yesterday but enough is enough with these darn cupcakes. It's impossible not to have a bruised ego when you get laid off but getting fat is not going to make me feel any better.
3 - Make a giant list of all the things I need to do but never seem to accomplish because there are not enough hours in the day. It will feel good to be busy.
4 - Figure out some kind of daily schedule, I have no idea what this should be yet.


  1. ugh. been there. no fun. I am so sorry you have to deal with this right now. =(

    I will say that the ~7 months I had being unemployed ended up being a really great time for the most part and was totally a catalyst for a much-needed life change for the better. Not that it wasn't riddled with lower-than-low days, but I look back on those months as some of the best of my life, seriously. I hope you'll be able to say the same!

  2. @Juliette Thank you so much for your comment, it's good to hear. Well, it's not good to hear that you had to go through that but great that you came out of it with such a positive perspective.

  3. I read this March 1st, and on March 2nd I was fired. It was odd; things were do bad at my job, that when I read this I thought, "That's coming to me", and sure enough it did.

    I wanted the time to spend on my passion and have it now. I don't know what to do first!

    I hope you "find" your passion soon, but probably in your heart you already know!

    1. that you so much for writing. I'm so sorry that you are going through this too but I have faith that this is the going of be the best thing that happened to the both of us!