Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Tippler


1  noun
a person who imbibes intoxicating liquor (aka - a drunk)

A Tippler is also a new pub in the basement of Chelsea Market with a cool speakeasy vibe (there is no sign out front) and a menu of innovative cocktails, craft beers, and architecture to drool over.

The Tippler Bar NYC Chelsea Market

The space, just recently unearthed after over 100 years, includes locally salvaged details like reclaimed water tower wood and train rails from the nearby Highline entrance.

The Tippler Bar NYC Chelsea Market

The Tippler Bar NYC Chelsea Market

If you plan a visit be sure to try the Caipasutra - don't let the list of ingredients scare you, turns out garam masala is a delicious beverage addition.

Photos care of thetippler.com


  1. Thanks for the "tippler" I'll be sure and tell my daughter who lives in NYC.

  2. @Leslie Cooper Your comment made me chuckle. Your daughter should definitely check it out, it's a beautiful spot.