Friday, August 31, 2007

Parson's Desk

I know, I know I said there would be pictures of the new condo coming soon. I promise I'll post them soon. Until then, I thought I would use this blog as a place to catalog all the great stuff I found for the new place.
parsons desk

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I made an excellent discovery today. I have always loved (as everyone seems to also love) the parson's desk from west elm. Not a terrible price at $299, clean lines, and great colors. I just discovered this Student desk on which the parson's desk exactly. And only $150! Plus it comes in the blue and green colors that west elm no longer sells. I am definitely going to have to get one.

I've been looking for a small white desk for the new office and was originally going to go with the jay desk from west elm (left) but I've think I might have to go with the parson's deask knock off, I can't resist saving 150 bucs!


  1. Go for it! What a great find! West Elm knocked it off as well, so it's no great crime to buy the overstock version! I have the W.E. version and I love it - it's such a versatile piece I rotate it around and use it in different ways. Right now it's a bedroom desk:

  2. very true, i hear the overstock version doesn't have as high gloss a finish as the west elm one, but for $150 it's worth the effor to add the finish myself.
    becky you're my very first follower. perhaps now that i have a follower i will be more motivate to actual update this blog :)

  3. Ha! I'm not a very good follower, as I missed this comment! I keep forgetting how to add people to my blogroll; I'm glad I got you on there back when I still remembered how to do it!

  4. Did you ever purchase the desk from Overstock? It's still on the site (a couple years later!), and I'm interested to buy it, but I want to know what you think...Please email me if you have a chance. Thanks!