Friday, November 14, 2008

The Humble Abode

A way, way, way long time ago I told you that my boyfriend and I bought a new condo (our first home) and promised some photos of the place. The time has finally come for me to share my home, it took me about a year to do so. This post will have all of the before photos and in later posts I'll break down our progress room by room. Here's a photo of the living room/dining room area. It's a really nice open space and it's basically what sold us on the place. It must have been that because it certainly wasn't the interesting architecture. Who was the first person to decide that a fake brick chimney was a good idea anyway?
Here's another photo of the living room and dining area. You can see the entrance of the kitchen, the end of the hall is the entrance to the two bedrooms.

And here's the glorious kitchen. It actually was much more horrible that it appears in this photo. Use of space was ridiculously awful and that stupid soffet wasn't even attached to the cabinets. It's all gone now though, we've definitely made the most changes to the kitchen. I'll update you on that soon.

This would be terribly uninteresting bedroom #1. Now it serves as the office/craft room. The surprised looking photo subject is my wonderful boyfriend Nick. I'm sure he'll come up in future posts so you might as well be introduced to him now. Everyone say hello to Nick.

And this is terribly uninteresting bedroom #2 which is our bedroom. The only difference between these two rooms is about a foot in width which is why we choose this room for our bedroom.

And then there's the bane of my existence. The bathroom. Isn't she lovely folks. Normally I'm not a yellow hater but yellow does good awful things to your skin so it's not pleasant trying to do make up in the morning. On top of that, the yellow tiles on the opposite wall are totally different shade of yellow. Then there's the bubble in the wall that is the result of a terrific drywall patch job done before we moved in. I could go on but I'll spare you for now. Maybe one day we'll be able to afford to gut this thing and make it all sparkly and new.

I'll post photos of what the place looks like now next week.

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  1. OOH, please let me know what is the name brand of that heater/air conditioner thingy in your living room! I need to find something JUST LIKE THAT, and not sure what to even Google.

    Pls reply via email if possible (I know this is an older blog post). itsmemaven *AT* aim *DOT* com. Thanks!