Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Sure You Heard This Already, But...

...just in case you haven't, Domino Magazine is closing up shop.  I'm incredibly disappointed by the news.  While I will admit I may not have been as in love with the magazine now as I was when it was first issued that hasn't stopped me from renewing my subscription year after year.
I've gathered much inspiration from the pages of this magazine and while I still have Metropolitan Home and Elle Decor to thrill me with images of delightful interiors I find those magazines much more difficult to translate to a normal person's budget.  Domino was very approachable and offered great ideas that almost anyone could adapt to their home.  

The most important reason why I wanted to pass this information on to you is that I recently went on about the fabulousness of My Deco File at  From the press releases I could get my hands on, it sounds like we can say goodbye to the website (unlike Blueprint who kept their blog running after the magazine closed) as well as the magazine so my guess is My Deco File will be no more.  I plan on spending tonight making sure that I download all of the photos I have saved there.  What a bummer since I thought I had finally discovered an organized way to save all of the photos that I found online. 

What I'll probably miss the most from is Nick Olsen's Deal Hunter Blog.  That dude makes writing about cheap furniture a million times funnier than you ever thought it could be.   

I wonder what happens to my subscription now? 


  1. Seriously? Well, that's a huge disappointment.

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  3. I know! I've been away from the computer all day, and I'm just now hearing the devastating news. So sad. And I completely know what you mean about Domino being so approachable. I felt like it was so much more realistic for me than some of the more "glamorous" design magazines.