Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shop Local: Chalk Farm

*Warning regional blog post to follow...

182 Glen Ridge Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042
p. (973) 744-7887
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 6pm

A heads up to readers who live in or near Montclair, NJ. The shop Chalk Farm is moving to a new location so all inventory at the shops current location is 50% off. You heard that right, 50% off! If you are not familiar with Chalk Farm, the shop is stocked with an ever-changing collection of merchandise including farmhouse benches, bedding by Elizabeth Allen Altier, slip covered furniture, French and Swedish antiques, apothecary jars, vintage garden urns, and coffee table books. Inventory is inspired by store owner Jennifer Rae Beck's love of garage sales and flea markets which translates to a shop that feels curated over time with love. Check out how gorgeous this shop is:

Questions for readers: Would you like to see more posts in the future dedicated to local retailers?Those who aren't local, do you feel alienated by this type of blog post? If you would like to see more and have a favorite shop you want to share please email me. Thanks!


  1. Sa-weet! Will head over there on Friday.

  2. As a fellow Montclair-ian (um, yeah, I just made that up), I have to give thumbs up to these regional posts. I'm still so new and don't know many of the stores. For example I've passed this one tons of times (I only live like 2 blocks away) but have never been inside. Now I must.

  3. I like reading regional posts from other areas. (I live in DC.) Because I love to visit friends in other places, I like to know about local haunts. Keep 'em coming and inspire me to visit!

  4. Holy moly! I'll have to get myself over there!

  5. I'm nowhere near you but think it's a great idea to post about local companies. Great way to pay it forward.

  6. Looks like the consensus of the group is that these posts get a thumbs up. More reviews of local decorating and paper shops will come in the future.

  7. what a fantastic shop! I wish I lived close by to drop in and shop!!

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  9. Hi there,
    The store's new website is up and running. Lots of vintage items for sale will be coming soon. Thanks again for your nice blog about the store.