Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spotted: Period Light Fixtures

If you follow me on Twitter you probably heard me squealing with delight upon the arrival of my new camera.  It's not often now that I leave the house with my new camera especially on my daily dog walks.  It's funny, when you have a camera on your arm you seem to notice small details that you may have previously overlooked.  On one of my recent walks I noticed some of the many great period light fixtures on the buildings around town.

I will definitely be keeping these pictures in my inspiration files for future my future home.  I'd love to have a similar period fixture at my front door.  I've been shopping around Rejuvenation and School House Electric but don't see lights quite like any that are pictured above.  If you can suggest somewhere else I might want to try searching I would really appreciate it.  Especially if they carry anything like the lights in the last photo, how fabulous are they?

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  1. You're right...that last one is absolutely spectacular. I'm no good with lighting vendors, but keep me posted if you find that one. I think I need it.

  2. I am very much impressed by your blog, you can find more Home Lighting Fixtures that suites your budget.

  3. I used to know the name of this amazing company that did reproduction lighting. For the life of me, I can't remember, but I'll try to dig it up for you. I was thinking about it recently when fantasizing about replacing our ugly outdoor lights.

  4. Have you looked at Circa Lighting??