Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone has fabulous plans for the weekend. I heard a rumor that the sun might actually come out so I plan on soaking it up. I have exciting news (for me) to share. The tickets are purchased and it is official. I will be spending 15 days this August on the island of Milos in the Greek Cyclades.

That's our house right there. You're jealous, aren't you?

So because I won't be around for a few weeks this summer I've decided to save up my new blog finds that I normally share on Fridays and post them while I'm away. This way instead of missing Design Evolution you can spend the time checking out new blogs. Sound like a good idea?

Also, in the up coming weeks look out for posts that might have less to do about decortating and more to do about fashion. I will be needing your help to decide what I need to take with me on this fabulous trip.

Love you all and have a great weekend!

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Photo Credit: mario_lem73


  1. Greece is FABULOUS!!! I have been lucky enough to have visited the Cyclades twice, and on both occasions it was absolutely amazing.

    I will get my hubby there someday, as I was a single gal the last time I visited.

    I'm sooo jealous! :-)

  2. Yeah, Greece is fantastic and the water really looks like that! :) I have been to Crete, twice to Rhodes and spend my honeymoon in Kos. One of those days I would like to go back!
    Did you get to know Sophia ( from our BYW class? She lives in Greece!
    I will happily follow your journey and the time leading up to it ;)
    hello from Graz, Austria!

  3. :( I am so jealous.

  4. I'm with Michelle... This shade of green is not a good color on me! You will have the best time, but you probably already knew that :)