Sunday, May 31, 2009

Went a Little Crazy this Weekend

I started a somewhat crazy and overwhelming project this weekend. I've always hated the floors in my condo. They are the least expensive laminate flooring that exists, the baseboard molding is almost nonexistent and poorly installed, and to top it all off puppy training did some damage in a few areas. This Sunday I finally couldn't take it anymore and started ripping it all out.

It feels better already. When we start one project in this place it always seem to lead to other. I discovered an area underneath the windows/ac unit that looks like it must of had a leak at some point. The drywall is mush and the subfloor is moldy. As frustrating as it is that we can't just pull up the old floor and lay down the new I'm happy that we exposed the mold so that we can remove it. It's never easy is it?

This lovely rich teak will be my new floor soon, hopefully. We just need to finish pulling up the old floor, removing all of the old baseboard molding, re-drywall, address some issues with the subfloor, spakle and paint the walls, find the cure for cancer....... and so on. I'll be sure keep you updated on the progress.

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  1. Love the new flooring you are showing. I have Oak in my current home, but I'm hoping when we move to bring in a darker wood.

    And isn't that always the way? You start a project thinking you'll just get it done and there's an issue that makes it more of a project than you'd anticipated. I'm finding that out as we prep our house and sometimes it's stupid stuff, like not having any more of the paint to just touch-up and now I have to repaint a whole room!

  2. We just redid the floor in our upstairs bathroom. It's a lot of hard work but infinitely rewarding in the end. It's always nice to have a space done the way you want it and done RIGHT. Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

  3. You're right, it's never as easy as you plan, but it will be sooo worth it in the end. Keep us updated on status.

  4. We have a similar color throughout our entire home. Gives it a very modern yet cozy feel. You'll love it!

  5. Man I really want hard wood floors in my apartment. It would be so much better for my allergies. I guess if I am here long enough and plan on staying here a long time, I can consider doing it. I've only been at this apartment 2 years now and well lets face it, I just don't have the money to put hardwood floors just yet.
    I'm excited to see how your floors turn out though.