Thursday, May 7, 2009

Explore Tessera - Treasures from Turkey and Beyond

This shot of amazing tableware from Turkey featured in the May '09 issue of Elle Decor caught my eye and sent me straight to the website for Tessera, the shop who sells it.

What I discovered there was site full of one of kind, antique, and handmade products from around the world. I have expressed my love for all things Suzani here before so you can imagine my jaw hitting the floor when I got a glimpse of these vintage Suzani throws:

I actually learned something interesting about Suzanis from the Tessera website:
Suzani is the Persian or Farsi word for needle and refers to textile panels embroidered with silk thread. The suzani was an integral part of a woman's artistic expression in Central Asia for hundreds of years. Traditionally, as soon as a girl was born her mother would start embroidering the suzani for her. As the daughter grew older, she would join in the process. The suzani would eventually become a part of her dowry and be used to decorate her home.
Knowing the history of behind the artistry makes me appreciate it even more. The Suzani's pictured here from the webiste are vintage pieces from Uzbekistan; however, they also carry reproduction pieces.

In addition to the Suzanis from Uzbekistan, they carry antique items from Central Asia, India, Peru, Tibet and Turkey.

I could dive into this sofa full of pillows from Turkey made from vintage kilm rugs and linger for hours. Couldn't you?

This set of intricately carved antique doors from Peru could be a really intriguing and unexpected element in a modern space.

Visit Tessera's website for more photographs of the fabulous items they sell. While you're there take a minute to read about the company's commitment to volunteering and donating with in the regions they source their products. A company that recognizes its social responsibility will always grab and hold my attention.

Tessera's showroom is located in Houston, TX and only select items are available for sale on their website. This is unfortunate for me in New Jersey however Tessera will be at the New York International Gift August 15 - 19 which would be a great opportunity to see all of this great stuff in person.

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  1. Gorgeous! Those patterns and colors are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These textiles are absolutely beautiful!