Friday, June 12, 2009

Destination Milos: Travel Necessities

(sorry for the post earlier with no text, I'm not sure what happened)

Even though there are still about 56 days (but who's counting) until we leave for Greece I've been trying to get a jump on planning and gathering all of the stuff we'll need. Traveling from the U.S. to Milos is a bit of an arduous experience so I want to be as prepared as possible to make this a pleasant and comfortable journey. My last trip to Greece included some terrible luggage on wheels that constantly feel over. It was enough to drive a person crazy. This time will be different. So while I would love to get myself a set of
vintage powder blue luggage like this one:

I will probably end up getting something more practical like this Swiss Army set from Amazon. I've been doing some research and it seems worth it to spend a little more on luggage if you want to get more than a few trips out of it.
In an effort to jazz up this rather conventional set of luggage, I think I will get myself a few of these pretty luggage tags. Hopefully they will make it easier to spot my bags among the sea of similarly hued suitcases.

Since I won't be going vintage with my luggage I think I will get my vintage fix with fabulous jewelry organizer. It should help save me from the big knot of necklaces that I usually end up having to deal with.

jewelry case
cheeky vintage closet

A necessity high on my list is a fabulous carry on. I need something that will be able to hold of the items I will use for entertainment on this 14 hour (eek) voyage. One thing I'll will definitely be stashing in my carry on is my ipod. Is it even possible to travel with out one? This case is actually for a small camera but it fits my ipod perfectly and is totally sweet.

(P.S. I ordered that camera case last week and it arrive at my door yesterday. I love it! It really is perfect for an ipod and I'm very impressed with the quality of construction. I would highly recommend products from the jack and bee etsy shop.)

left: carry on must have sold out (bummer) right: jack and bee

One other item I plan on stashing in my carry on is this In Touch Clutch which has a bunch of pockets to hold my passport, a notepad, pens, business cards and more. And for a little luxury, this lavender filled spa pillow to rest my head on that should help me drift off into dreamland and make my cramped airplane seat just a little more comfortable.
organizer & spa pillow

What are the items you feel you can't travel without? Anything you think I need to add to my list of must haves? Do you have any travel plans for the summer? What will you be taking with you?

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  1. Anything that is Swiss Army is worth putting a little more cash into, you should also look for The North Face luggage. I have had a bag from them for two years, that I use every day, and I have never ever had any problems with it.

  2. I also have a lavender cushion that I cannot live without. Also my hand held mirror is a must.


  3. I recommend going to Marshall's! They have nice luggage for even nicer prices. I have found really cute, easy to pick out in a crowd, luggage that way.