Friday, June 12, 2009

The Domino Magazine Files

Remember these lovely images from the Domino days of yore:

Are you pining for the slideshows that once existed on Did you have an image from Domino that you just loved but never remembered to save it to your computer and now you would like to include in a blog post? To you just like to waste hours (like I do) flipping through photos of beautiful rooms?

Well, you're in luck. The lovely Cassandra Lavalle from the blog Coco&Kelley has created a flickr group named The Domino Magazine Files where anyone can contribute the Domino Magazine images they do have for everyone to share. Here's the group introduction from Cassandra:
With the Domino Magazine website officially gone, all we're left with are the images saved from the good 'ol days. I never had a chance to get all of my favorites off the website before it closed, so I'm creating this group in hopes of collecting as many as possible in one place!

Please only add photos that were published in the magazine or from the site. If they are from the My Deco files, please note that. Also, try not to duplicate photos that are already here.
There are already over 800 images added to the group pool. If you be great if everyone could continue to contribute the Domino images they have saved. When you add an image to the group it would also be a huge help if you include which issue it was from and any other information you have about the photograph.

Have fun perusing and lets keep this community going!

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  1. These are awesome images and the Design Magazine landscape is not the same since the untimely demise of Domino!

  2. thank you so much for highlighting the flickr group here on your blog!! it's seriously been my only salvation since the website disappeared. i was so mad they took it down! but i'm SO glad people more organized than me have added so many photos!!


  3. What a fabulous idea! Off to check out the photos.

  4. What an absolutely brilliant idea! So glad you shared the info. :)

  5. Very Cool! Thanks for letting us know!

  6. just found your blog via nichole! so lovely! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing the link to this group. What a great resource!

  8. I miss Domino... I could actually afford a few of the things found in that magazine. We need another Domino, please. Or could Conde Naste maybe bring back the website... come on? ;)

  9. Oh I miss my Domino magazine subscription!!!

    I bought the Domino book not too long ago and sold my complete magazine collection for like hundreds on eBay.

    I totally miss them! I wish they'd be resurrected one day. Thanks for the links! =)

  10. I have every magazine still. All in perfect shape--and I've been picking up duplicates found at Goodwill, etc. for 50 cents a pop. Can you say specifically which ones you are missing? That way I needn't paw through 800 images and all magazines to see. Let me know. Thanks!