Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pantone Color Combos: Honey Yellow, Iron, & Nomad

pantone fall - all colors

Alright, keep them coming ladies (and gentlemen, I know there are a few of you out there) these mood boards are so great.  This next collection comes to us from Diana Brennan.  It's no surprise that Diana has a great eye, she has a stunning art photography shop that I suggest you pay a visit.  This color combination is probably the closest to what I would have in my own home.

The bird print in the layout is from Diana's collection and he is such a perfect fit.  The print made me realize that I did not include any art pieces in my collections.  I will have to make sure I do next time.

One a totally unrelated note, Diana has the prettiest calender for sale in her shop.  I've been going back an forth about doing a calendar round up here on Design Evolution because I know many other bigger and better bloggers are preparing them now.  What I might do is pull together a round up of all of the round ups :)  Whatever I decide to do,  you need to at least see Diana's calendar.

I know what you're thinking and yes it does come with the clip board.  How great is that?

I should repeat the details in case anyone else would like to participate: If you would like to play please send the links to your color combo mood board (based on the colors provided here). You can either leave a link in the comments section (if you upload them to flickr or somewhere similar) or you can email the image directly to me at verdugo.designevolution AT gmail DOT com.  I'll include your creation in an upcoming post on Design Evolution.

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  1. This is fun! And I seriously am dying over that chair. Hopefully Hudson will give me a moment of uninterrupted computer time today so I can play along too. :)

  2. I absolutely love grey and yellow rooms. I'm a yellow fanatic - it's the happiest color in my opinion - and have a new obsession with grey. Lucky for me the two blend so well together!

    I'll definitely need to check out Diana's art shop. Love that print!