Monday, September 28, 2009

Pantone Color Combos: Purple Heart, Nomad & Rapture Rose

pantone fall - all colors

More reader participation this morning joining in on all of this Pantone Color Combo fun. This mood board comes from Anita, a stylist and author of the blog 1richtungsblog. Anita's mood board incorporates two colors that I avoided, Purple Heart and Rapture Rose, and she does a great job with it. I especially love the addition of that beautiful wallpaper.

You can follow this link for a description of Anita's color combination choice and links to all of the shops she visited to pull this look together but since her blog is written in German I will do my best to translate here:  

  1. Bring nature into the house with a wallpaper from the wallpaper Agency
  2. Romantic candle with geometric engraving - almost too good to be lit (Zara Home)
  3. Rustic pillows in washed linen provides structure and color to the sofa (H & M Home)
  4. These pillows will provide contrast, cotton sateen (H & M Home)
  5. I love the shape of this sofa - clear lines but somewhat rounded and cuddly thanks to down filling (Bolia)
  6. Genuine mohair throw - Autumn is coming! (Zara Home)
  7. My favorite colors in a pillow! :) (H & M Home)
  8. Slim structured lighting (the red packet)
  9. Rose-colored silk pillows (Zara Home)
  10. For tea lights, perhaps? (Ikea)
  11. Royal wool carpet - oh so glamorous! (Impresssionen)

I really enjoyed going through all of Anita's links because it brought me to so many shops that were unfamiliar to me here in the U.S. I'd love to get my hands on that die cut wool rug, for instance, and when the heck is Zara Home going to start shipping to the United States. 

The particulars: If anyone you would like to contribute a color combination collection please send along the links to your color combo mood board. You can either leave a link in the comments section (if you upload them to flickr or somewhere similar) or you can email the image directly to me at verdugo.designevolution AT gmail DOT com. I'll include your creation in an upcoming post on Design Evolution.

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  1. What a fun color combonation. I love how the pink and purple aren't too overpowering.


  2. Its cool. It doesnt look like the stiuff a student would collect from everywhere he gets it for free. But on the other hand it doesnt look like a set from a discounter.