Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Small Space Solutions Courtesy of a Chic French Flat

I love wasting the afternoon going through the small space galleries on the Marie Claire Mason site because (a) Europeans really know how to do functional, stylish, and we organized small homes and (b) in French they're called petits espaces which makes them sound so fabulous.

I wanted to share this charming 26 square meter (about 280 square feet) apartment because it has so many great space saving tricks anyone can emulate.  First up is the stylish coffee table that is adjustable in height so it can also be used as a small dining table.

At first glance I though the fridge an microwave was so fabulous combo appliance that they don't sell in the United States, well okay they only exist in dorm rooms and look like this.  With my wonderful translating skills (ahem, google translate) I discovered it is actually a custom cabinet built to house both of the appliances.  The cabinet provides a nice separation between the living space and the kitchen and helps them to look less like appliances and more like a piece of furniture.

I think the most genius idea in this apartment is the extra storage space that is built on to the inside of the closet door.  What a great way to build a ton more storage into a pretty small closet.  Definitely mark this as a "Steal This Idea".

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  1. Love the tucked away bookshelf in the first pic! I want one.

  2. I'm not a fan of glass tables, but the idea behind that coffee table is genius! I also love the closet door storage- it makes me wish we didn't have accordion doors in our bedrooms.