Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Diana's Daydream

In yesterday's post, I played around with the idea of taking the imagery that a song a creates and turning it into a room. Ms. Diana was lovely enough to play along with me and she put together a beautiful collection.

I think she really captured that place in between awake and dreamland that I see when I listen to the song. That bed is certainly a fairytale all on it's own but I think my favorite item is the window seat Diana included as a place to gaze out the window and stare at the fireflies at night. You can find a description of each item included in the collection here.

(fyi, the music player does not appear in google reader)

Anyone else care to play along? Here's what you have to do: Listen to Owl City's song Fireflies, put together a mood board that you think captures to essence of the lyrics, and either leave a link to your mood board in the comments or email it to me verdugo.designevolution@gmail.com. Be sure to include the links to any shops or art work you include in your collection. If you'd like to write up a little description of why you choose the items you did, that would be wonderful too.

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