Monday, November 16, 2009

2010 Calendar Round-Up... Round-Up

The idea behind today's post my seem a little silly but my intention is for it to be helpful. If you are shopping for a 2010 calendar for yourself or perhaps for a gift I thought you might appreciate a list of what I consider the best 2010 Calendar Round-Ups. So essentially this is a round-up of round-ups, still with me? I pulled a few of my favorites from each list so you get a taste of what is out there but be sure to visit the original posts to view the multitude of wonderful calendars that are available. Each photo links to the shop where the calendar is available for purchase.

The first round-up is brought to us by Decor8 and in true Holly form it is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and organized group of round-ups. She has broken her posts down into groupings of wall, desk, poster style, downloadable, and miscellaneous style calendars.


Cat Seto


Oh So Beautiful Paper is an oh so beautiful blog that has a three part round-up (starting to get tired of the word round-up) of some beautiful calendars, many that I have not seen on other blogs.
Oh So Beautiful Paper

SeeSaw Letterpress

Pistachio Press


Design Crush is a blog I was not previously familiar with but came across while putting this post together. They have seven, count them seven, posts devoted exclusively to 2010 calendars.

Design Crush

{part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7}

Alicia Bock

Postal Press

Poppytalk is always on top of what is lovely in the world of handmade products. Check out the three part series on 2010 calendars.
Poppytalk Blog

Egg Press

With Wallpaper

Paper Crave is another blog that is a new discovery for me and it is gorgeous. An entire blog devoted to beautiful paper, sign me up!

Last but not least, a few 2010 calendars that I've come across that have not popped up in one of the many calendar round-up posts out there. The last one on my list you've already seen on Design Evolution but I'm smitten with it and had to include it here too.

Design Evolution

Dear Oly

Le Papier Studio

My Folk Lover

Flora Douville

Lisa Samartino Atelier

Perpetual Paris

Happy shopping!

Update: Check out this post for a Free 2010 Planner download.

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  1. Wow, thank you for taking the time to post these! There have been a LOT of calendar round-ups recently, so a round-up of the round-ups is a genius idea!

    My favourite is Perpetual Paris. But then again I would say that, being as I currently have my very own Perpetual Paris hiding upstairs at the back of my wardrobe, waiting to be wrapped and presented to my Paris-loving husband on Christmas morning :-)

  2. This is a great resource! Thanks for putting it together!

  3. No fair! Way too many that I want (unless I plan on making a calendar installation I guess I just need to pick one (or two, one of the office too?)

    Having a fun giveaway today, a 40x50 photo art print on canvas (you supply the photo, and they print it up!)

  4. Thanks for the feature, Michelle- great array of choices here.

  5. Michelle, happy to have your calendar included in the list. I've seen it appear in many round ups this year.

    Glad everyone is enjoying my round up round up :)

  6. such an unbelievably wonderful array of calendars. i'd take one of each, for every room, for every month, every day :-)

  7. So many awesome calendars, so little need for more than one...

  8. Totally Becky, I feel the same way. At least I can justify buying a feel different ones if I give them away as gifts.