Friday, November 13, 2009

Who Wouldn't Love a Perfectly Packaged Whoopie Pie

That time of year when we start to panic about what gifts to get for friends and loved ones is fast approaching. Sorry if I'm stressing you out, that is not at all my intention. What I did want to do is introduce you to a sweet (pun intended) DIY gift idea.

I have a close group of girlfriends with which I exchange gifts with every year. We always keep the gifts inexpensive and I try to come up with handmade gift ideas that they will enjoy. This DIY Whoopie Pies Gift Kit from Little Brown Pen will certainly fit the bill.


The kit includes 8 muslin gift bags each the perfect size for one whoopie pie; 8 gift tags (2"x2") with an original whoopie pie illustration, offset printed on super-thick, uncoated, paper; and a whoopie pie recipe straight from a genuine Lancaster, PA grandma. Lancaster is the home of the whoopie pie and Nichole's grandma's recipe is legendary.

These individually wrapper whoopie pies would also make great favors for an upcoming holiday event.

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  1. This rules! My sister in law is addicted to Whoopie Pies and it would be really fun to do this for her!

  2. Oh, aren't you so sweet!

    I am making these for holiday gifts, and thought it would be cool to share.